Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy New Year!

Sorry it's taken me so long. Many things going on.

I quit my job on New Year's Day. About three weeks before, the CEO of the company I worked for, who had spent the last ten years being as demeaning, condescending, and patronizing as is humanly possible, finally hit a new low and told me that I had been "a charity case since I had walked in the door."

Everyone who knows him, and who heard this, thought it to be completely within the range of believeability, and the first word out of all of their mouths was "Napoleon."

So, Josephine has chewed about all the fun out of that gum possible.

So, as of 2009, I am DC HelpDesk and have never been happier.

The thing is, the technology has finally caught up with me, so I can do remote computer aid and repair from my recliner, on the days that I feel like doing that. Before now, it was necessary to be part of a large organization to have secure remote connection to other computers, but now it is possible to do this as an individual. Whoopee! I have a couple of customers already, and it's really very nice to be able to schedule around doc's appointments, naps and other things that life throws in my way.

This also means that we're having a little less income, but we're behaving on a budget and so far, so good.

We spent Christmas in Massachusetts, also our 25th wedding anniversary. We spent some time in Old Sturbridge Village, and with my family closer to Boston. It was VERY fun and actually the best holiday we've had in years.

I'm now helping with another PH support group in our area, with the inability of the former leader to continue, so planning for two isn't much different than planning for one.

My PH is actually doing rather well. My doc told me that I could use oxygen "at my discretion," so I still sleep with it, and use it in the gym, and later in the day when I'm tired, but not much else. I now own my portable concentrator, due to the changes in Medicare and the insurance companies following suit, so this will actually make travelling much easier for me. My oxygen concentrations were getting so good that the insurance company was actually questioning whether they would pay for my oxygen any more, so now that I don't have to worry about them, I can just cut loose. Also, the FAA has changed the rules so I don't have to notify the airline that I'll be using the concentrator, effective in March.

If I am very lucky, I will get to accompany The Captain on a business trip to Vancouver, BC in March or April, and I will be very pleased to do so, since my pal Jas lives nearby on Victoria Island, and we meet up, chat and do girly things. Like margarita therapy...

More later...