Monday, March 13, 2006

The Organ Recital

I went to the doctor again today.

It seems that this has become the focus of my social life. My new best friends are nurse-practitioners. My frames of reference are all doctors.

To measure pulmonary function, one of the things they do is make you walk six minutes and see how far you can go. They measure your oxygen saturation and your pulse while you walk, and make you stop if it appears you're stressing.

Last time I tried it, after two and a half minutes they made me stop because my oxygen saturation had dropped below 75% (you normal people would faint). I didn't notice, because I've been gasping and wheezing for so long, I think that's normal.

Today I walked the full six minutes, and my oxygen never dropped below 80%. I walked 640 feet. Doesn't sound like much, but before Christmas, I couldn't climb a flight of stairs. Mucho Bettero.

Also, since I'm doing so well, they've doubled my Viagra. Oh, am I so popular? I am now taking Viagra six times a day. I think if I could, I'd get a six hour erection or something. As it is, I just keep breathing.

I'm sorry this has become such an organ recital, but it's where my poor head is at right now.

C'est la vie.

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