Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Wonders of Drugs

Okay, so since my last posting on this page, I've gone from taking Viagra three times a day to breathing in a prostacyclin analogue six times a day.

No, I don't know what one is either. I know that prostacyclins have something to do with prostaglandins, which are named that because they were first found in the prostate gland, and I don't have one of those, either.

But at Seventeen Thousand Dollars a Month, I think they could grow me one.

I'm not making that up.

My monthly drug bill runs now in the $20,000 per month area, between that, my Viagra at a thousand dollars a month, and oxygen with a nifty new portable oxygen concentrator called Inogen One that my insurance doesn't quite pay for.

I'm very glad we have insurance. But part B of that statement is, it doesn't cover everything. I could buy a car every year (okay, a used one) for what we're paying in co-payments and co-insurance. I have lived in houses that cost less than one month of my drug bill (it was a trailer, but it was home).

And I go to the doc next week, and I may get me another high-dollar drug. Whoopee!

I had a sleep study last night at the sleep disorder clinic. The good news is that I do not appear to have sleep apnea. The not so good news is that sleeping while the oxygen hose is glued to my face, my oxygen saturation was still only less than 90% for most of the night, which isn't as it should be.

Now, the other thing they don't tell you is that they fiberglass the electrodes to your head, and take off the fiberglass in the morning with nail polish remover. In your scalp. Behind your ears. On your chin. I'm still peeling the stuff off.

They offer you a shower, but you have to use the dispenser hand soap and they have no towels. Oh, and there's a camera in your room, taking pictures while you sleep. And a microphone listening for your farts and groans.

Anytime you want to have electrodes glued to your head and be spied on while you sleep, well then, I have a recommendation for you....

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pooks said...

Oh no.

I think I need to undergo a sleep study for apnea but haven't wanted to face it.

Now I know why!