Monday, April 17, 2006

The Latest Movement of the Organ Recital

Well, I got the results of some tests last week, and they look better. My original pulmonary artery pressure in January was 125, whence the normal range is closer to 18. I had an recent echocardiogram, which is not the most accurate measure of pulmonary pressure, but a good one nonetheless, and my pressures appear to be nearer 25, which is very good.

I'm now on three grossly expensive medications, but, after all, it's only money.

I also now have my own collection of meters. I have a blood pressure cuff for my wrist, a blood sugar meter, a pulse oxymeter, and a thermometer. One of my co-workers followed me in with my little oxygen cart, and said "Are you opening your own mobile hospital any time soon?"

I do not plan to do this, but it's an idea, and if I can charge rates anything like big immobile hospitals, I'll be a mill-yon-air.

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