Thursday, August 17, 2006

Impractical Living

I am nothing if not practical.

I don't have anything on the boat that doesn't have at least two uses. The glass that goes into the door when we close up the boat also serves as the backsplash for the sink. My biggest cooking pot has a vented lid that serves as the colander for the boat.

I dress in dull colors because they're interchangeable. Or did.

I just bought a pair of pink saddle oxfords. Pink. Leather. And the saddle is a dark brown crocodile. They're quite handsome.

Last year, I'd have never bought pink saddle oxfords. But my time is short(er). I mean, it is shorter because I'm a year older, but also, this illness has made me more acutely aware of my mortality.

I bought a pink coat. And when I saw the pink saddle oxfords, I just had no choice.

I'd not had a coat that wasn't black or brown or gray or navy blue, I think never. Having a pink coat is liberating.

I have a tan this summer. It looks good with pink blouses. (It's actually probably a function of the prednisone making me very sun-sensitive, despite using SPF-45 protection).

I've dropped about ten pounds with the prednisone, due to improved heart function, which is HIGHLY unusual; most folks gain large amounts of weight while taking steroids. I have lots more energy, and I had an echocardiogram yesterday that the tech said showed the pericardial effusion shrinking, normal pulmonary artery pressures and no signs of right heart enlargement, which was indicated in January.

Pink shoes are a good thing.


pooks said...

Where on earth did you find those shoes? They sound fabulous, dahlink! I fear they might look Frankensteinesque on my size 11 feet, though.

The Admiral said... and look for Dexter Women's Chatham.

They're pink. They're cute.

pooks said...

The pink ones are gone!