Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanks Giving

I am exceedingly grateful this year.

We spent Turkey Day at my sister's house. My brilliant four year old nephew was greatly entertaining. He is now addicted to NASCAR, and announced that at his preschool, he was the "speedist."

Thanksgiving dinner included us, my sister and her husband and their brilliant son (and their pending one, who the nephew has named "Soonyouwah" for no apparent reason), and my brother-in-law's youngest brother, mother and her fiance. We had a small turkey, a turducken, dressing, fresh sweet potatos baked in peach butter, and pumpkin pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and a bread pudding made from Pascal's Manale's recipe. With whisky sauce. Made with Dr Jacques Daniel's formula.

My brother and his lovely wife and brilliant daughters stopped by Thursday morning on their way to her family gathering, and we joined them at a family home nearby for a re-hash on Friday evening.

Traveling with Pulmonary Hypertension is like having an extra person. I have one bag that's full of nothing but drugs and treatments, and the oxygen that goes with me most places. I really, really am feeling much better than I was last year, but it takes a lot of doing to maintain it. It's easy to lose things in the midst of it all...

We left to come home on Saturday, and I left my phone at my sister's house, and one of the cleaning baskets for my nebulizer.

Sunday we took the Jaguar to get a tune up so I could drive my husband's car while he was in Carmel by the Sea this week (did I mention that I hate him?). Monday morning after he was winging his way west, I discovered that he had the only key to the car in his pocket.

No car.

No phone.

Fortunately, even for a crip like myself, we have some good restaurants and little shops in walking distance, so I was not desperate.

I took a cab to the dealership to get a new key for his car. Key didn't work. His locks are too old and worn for a newly cut key.

I took a cab to the repair shop to get my car. Jaguar tuneups are in a class of their own expense-wise...

I've spent over $70 on cab rides so far this week.

The phone came in the mail today.

Phone. Car.

Life is good again. Or at least manageable.

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