Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas, Part Deux

This weekend, we had six parties.

On Friday night, my husband was invited to participate in the Aero Club of Washington's presentation of the Wright Brothers' Memorial Trophy to retired Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta.

The event was held in the Washington Hilton Where They Shot Reagan, or as known by others, the Hinckley Hilton. It was black tie, and I never know quite what to wear to such events. Besides, it's a week before Christmas, so do you dress like it's a Christmas party?

I pretty much hit the middle of the target range in the dress department. I wore a 15 year old black Dior-fabric silk jacket with a dark iridescent reddish-paisley velvet skirt and a black lace camisole, with silver pumps sporting rhinestone buckles.

Others there appeared to be being propelled out of their dresses, either from the top or from the bottom, squoze clean out. Still others went the easy route, with black velvet or gold satin pantsuits.

All the men wore tuxedos. Except Herb Kelleher, inventor of Southwest Airlines, who wore a business suit, and smoked. He allowed as how smoking was only a misdemeanor, and "hell, I have lots of those." He was a scream, but he always is. I didn't know that he and Norm were great buddies, but Deni Mineta said that the two of them together behaved like two six-year-olds.

We missed the dinner gathering to which we were invited earlier, and the party at the club H2O, which had been completely rented out by a business associate.

Saturday night was my office's staff party at the boss's house, which was lovely and low key, followed by a house party with some old neighbors in their new neighborhood, which lasted until about 1:30 am. VERY fun. Good conversation, getting all caught up on all sorts of gossip...

Sunday was a party in Maryland with some sailing pals. We carpooled over with some local friends, and met up with the others in their Aspen-lodge style house with a fire in the fireplace (despite the fact that it was in the 60's outside). Tons of great food and drink, good conversation.

I woke up with a cold this morning. Shook too many indiscriminate hands.

Soonyouwah's mother is showing signs of pre-eclamsia, so Soonyouwah may be coming Sooner than we thought...


pooks said...

Here I am, enjoying your holiday frivolity, and then you drop in Soonyouwah-who? Oh dear! What happened? (And who is she?)

The Admiral said...

Sorry, Soonyouwah is the name given to my sister's impending (and now born) child by her four year old. We don't know why. We don't know what. We only know that it is Soonyouwah.

Soonyouwah is now Garrett Andrew, born Christmas eve, 7 lbs 3 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

But he is still called Soonyouwah from time to time. His brother was called Nougat for some time as well.