Saturday, January 13, 2007

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

I now own three pairs of pink shoes.

West Marine had a pair of pink Sperry TopSiders on their clearance table in my size, so now I have Official Boat Shoes in my color of choice.

This is getting silly.

On Tuesday morning I go visit a new rheumatologist and she's supposed to be all that and a bag of chips. We shall see. I actually met her recently at the National Institutes of Health at a symposium, and she said "Oh yes, I just received your records. You look to be doing very well to have such a fat pile of paper." I agreed.

She specializes in PH related to connective tissue and autoimmune disorders. I hope she'll feel confident to give me an actual diagnosis, rather than this sort of vague "something" that's going on... The cardiologist who did my right heart cath was pleased to hear that I was going to see her. He said that he had known her when he was in training at the University of Pittsburgh Med Center (and he's about my age, so that would have been better than 25 years ago) when UPMC was THE place for research and treatment of lupus and scleroderma and such.

My current rheumatologist likes my pink saddle oxfords. Perhaps the new one will like pink boat shoes.

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pooks said...

If she doesn't like pink shoes, you should think very long and hard about trusting her judgment, don't you think?

How did it go?