Saturday, January 27, 2007

Random and pointless thoughts...

A mailing list that I've been a part of for over ten years is currently discussing whether sex is better if you're religious.

One poster (the self appointed list curmudgeon) said that sex wouldn't be good if you were an athiest. How could it be good, when at orgasm you cry out "O Great Nonexistent Void!" It would spoil the moment. It just would.

Another suggested that depending upon the gender of those engaged, a pagan yelling "Oh, Goddess!" might or might not be a Good Thing.

I did our taxes today.

It isn't cheap having a dread disease.

Those $20 co-pays for the doctor's office visits? Do one every week and they add up to over a thousand dollars.

My oxygen alone costs $1800 a year over the insurance coverage.

I had nearly $1500 in pharmacy co-pays. And that doesn't even cover the $4,000 for the infusion treatment.

Oh, and because the prednisone is making me insulin-dependant, the glucose test strips were $1200.

I am very thankful that we have good insurance. Very good insurance.

And strangely enough, it's nearly as good if you have no insurance. A lot of the companies will give you the stuff if you meet their criteria for give aways. Doctors will see you with little or no charge.

It's the folks in the middle who get hit. Their insurers don't pay "out of network" treatments very well, and they make too much money to get a break from the pharmaceutical companies or distributors. I have heard some horror stories from this middle group.

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pooks said...

We have a new weird insurance deal where the first $1000 is paid 100%. Then WE pay the next $1000 100%.

After that, they pay 90% and we pay 10%.

And I used over 700 of it in January. And my meds run over $250 per month. So I'm now about to run into the part we pay very quickly -- and have made an appt to go see the doc (more money for the appt) to get him to change my prescriptions to something cheaper.

I understand that this works great for people with few medical expenses -- they won't end up paying for anything. In previous years I would be part of that group.

But right now I'm in the "see the doc and buy some meds" group.


I have not a fraction of what you have, so I am not complaining. Just rearranging the deck chairs.