Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring, spring...

We went to the boat today for the first time.

It was clear and 80-ish and breezy, but still too cold to actually sail. That 80° ambient temperature on the land is tempered considerably when the wind is blowing across 50° water.

So, we cleaned up a bit, blew all the anti-freeze out of the water lines and refilled the onboard fresh water tanks, ran the engine for a bit, repaired a few things, and re-hung the dinghy on the davits off the stern.

I took a nap.

We took the dogs along. They are surprisingly well behaved, though Daisy was discovered standing in the middle of the dinette table searching through the condiment packets on the shelf next to the table. She is indeed evil.

We are tentatively planning to go over next weekend (Friday?) and spend the night on the boat, which is always very pleasant... waking up with the sunrise over the bay, and drinking coffee on the cockpit while the rest of the world gently wakes.

Or it may be too cold yet. Remember, the cabin of the boat is still sitting in 50° water...


Colleen said...

I hope you get to spend the night on the boat this weekend! I think it would probably be too chilly for me!

pooks said...

Daisy isn't evil. She's just a beagle. It's in her genes!