Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Second Sail of the Season

Friday night we dumped the dogs at the kennel and took off east.

We hit the boat, unpacked and went to sleep rather early, anticipating an early departure.

Saturday morning dawned muggy, hazy but with a little wind. We left the slip at 9 am and headed north.

The wind never really rose above a couple of knots, so we left the engine running to assist us in our trip up the bay. It wasn't pretty.

At about 3 pm, we reached the Rhode River, and came around up to a small bay across from Mayo, Maryland.

By 5 pm, there were about 40 boats in this bay. A little more crowded that we had hoped. About sundown, a group of drunken powerboaters (stinkboats: sailboats are blowboats) tried to leave before completely securing their anchor. Idiots are so fun to watch.

We set up the gas grill and cooked some lovely pork chops, chicken breast fillets, and veggies. We then desserted ourselves with adult beverages. The Captain chose cheap scotch and cigars; I had Wild Turkey and Diet Coke.

After the sun set, we went to bed, for we were beat.

At about 2:30, I awoke with an irregular heartbeat. I could actually see the irregularity on the pulse part of my pulse-oxygen meter.

I thought very nasty four letter words. I did not wish to call the Coast Guard out to rescue me.

After watching it for a few minutes, I got up and went to the head (that's boat talk, you know).

When I came back, the captain asked if I was okay. Whining, I told him about what was going on. He lay silent for a few seconds, and asked "Do you think it has anything to do with that two fingers of Turkey you had before you came to bed?"

Hadn't occurred to me. Of course it might.

Went back to sleep. Awoke perfectly normally at daybreak.

Either I need to drink more, drink more often, or not at all.

We'll see.

We sailed home on Sunday afternoon, ahead of a cold front. It was very windy and rough, but we got back to the slip in time to be tied up securely when the strong thunderstorms came through. We spent the day on Monday doing boat chores; washing the boat, oiling the teak, cleaning the bilge, changed a pump in the shower bilge, et cetera, et cetera.


Ann said...

Well, Admiral,it sounds pretty lovely, overall. Sorry about the heart scare, though. Wish we had some of your thunderstorms here.

pooks said...

So, how did you season your pork chops? We're going camping and I'm open for new ideas.

You scared me. I thought I was about to read exciting coast guard stuff and am glad I didn't.

Colleen said...

Well I'm glad your little adventure didn't turn into an even bigger adventure with Coast Guard people and heart problems. I say maybe you needed more alcohol? Or just to drink it slower? I dunno, hopefully that won't happen again! :)

The Admiral said...

I dunno.

Some of those young coasties are kinda cute...

I keep Cavender's Greek Seasoning on the boat, with salt, pepper, oregano, garlic, etc. all in the same thing. This seasons everything that goes on the grill.

And I think I just need to drink more frequently.

The Admiral said...
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Annette Markin said...

Oh my phriend, sometimes you absolutely scare me! I hate those heart beat issues. I keep thinking if I could just relax, my heart would settle down and beat correctly. But how can you relax when your heart is beating all crazy? I hadn't thought about drinking to get it settled down. M-m-m-m.