Monday, December 17, 2007

Colder'n a sumbich

Pink shoes today. Black socks, pink sweater, black suit.

About 20 degrees when I woke this morning. Cold.

This weekend is the last one before everybody splits town for Christmas, and it was chockablock with parties.

Friday night was the Aero Club of Washington's presentation of the Wright Brothers Trophy, this year to The Last Man To Walk On The Moon, Gene Cernan. Nice dinner, nice program, got to wear sparkly long clothes which go magnificently with trailing oxygen concentrator. Sorry. But mine was the only nose hosed in the whole place. I thought about making a skirt for it, but then, no.

Saturday, midday come-and-go, nighttime office party at the boss's house. I hate the one at he boss's house, mostly because the annual "awards" are given, and usually to the undeserving. For example, this year the top prize went to someone who has been with the company less than three months, and is leaving to be re-activated with the branch of service from which they were retired, to a promotion. It was a suck-up move because this person can bring more business to the company, which is a good thing, certainly, but among other things, it means that a fellow who has gotten nothing but rave reviews from his customers for the last eight years, and is doing so in his third language (after his birth language and the language of the country of his first refuge) still has nothing.

We had two other invitations for Sunday, but blew them off, due to fatigue and high winds. Truly, the winds were gusting toward 50 mph, and it was in the 30s, and we were just too whipped to do it.

I have a sleep study on Tuesday to make sure that I don't have sleep apnea. More bondo to the head. I don't think I have sleep apnea, but they keep telling me that I must. So maybe I'll go and hold my breath to make them happy.

Next weekend is the trip to the parental unit's home. I hope it is fun. It has potential. It also has potential not to be. I'm staying in a hotel. I'm doing my part.


Colleen said...

I was wondering how you did with all your partying. I don't blame you for blowing off parties yesterday! I stayed in and watched it snow snow snow all day long here. Schools and such were cancelled for today, since we got around 8" or so. But it's pretty! I hope your sleep test goes well. Perhaps you shouldn't hold your breath, you don't want to turn blue. hehe I hope you don't have sleep apnea!
~Colleen :)

Annette Markin said...

Hello you wild woman! You know, I call those kind of parties that you went to, "pantyhose parties." At "pantyhose parties" I have to wear nice clothes and behave myself. I hate "pantyhose dinners!"
Good luck on your sleep study.

Jen said...

Hello "Party Animal"..
So glad that you updated your blog.
Sounds like you have been a tad busy.
Yea don't hold your breath, and good luck on your sleep study..Hey take a pic there for us..LOL
Thats always beautiful,glue and all:)
Take care and Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before.