Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bat Mitzvah

My brilliant niece was called to Torah as Bat Mitzvah last weekend.

All the relatives, goyische and not, all showed up.

She had two great-aunts and great-uncles named Jack. She has two aunts named Ellen, two aunts named Carol.

But only one has a good ship.

She was brilliant, and magnificent in her torah portion, and in the haftorah as well. Her mother was brilliant for the half-second of blessing that she got through before losing her breath, her voice and her tears. Her father was appropriately amusing.

The party afterwards was a blast, and we were honored to light one of her candles on her cake.

Just to demonstrate what a good patient I am, I offer evidence that I did a Ventavis treatment just after dancing a hora.
To further demonstrate what a good patient I am, I had my annual right heart cath the week before we left, and my pulmonary artery pressure is down by two-thirds what it was at diagnosis! Still nearly twice what it should be, but way, way better than it was a couple of years ago!
We drove to the occasion in the mighty Jaguar. The Cap'n again lusted for it. He cannot have her, however. We navigated home using the kewl little Bluetooth GPS receiver that beams our position into the phone, which then actually gives us oral directions from a lovely feminine voice I've chosen to call Genevieve GPS. The Cap'n argues less with Genevieve's directions than he does mine.


Annette said...

Great pictures! And, as always, great writing! You do get points for taking your Ventavis! BUT, where is your oxygen young lady???

The Admiral said...

That's what my wrap is hanging on, just to my right. I took off the oxygen for the hora, and I can't wear it during Ventavising, because it's on-demand through the nose, and I'm breathing completely through my mouth.

And BTW, that attractive young woman behind me with the very cute baby is my sister Mrs. Moskowitz and her son, called alternately Garrett, Soonyouwah and Not Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ellen Don't you look lovely:))
Thx for sharing. I do agree I will give you a little credit but I did not see that O2...LOL
Hope to see you soon...Oh now let the Captain get that Jag!!!
Love and hugs,

paula54 said...

Thanks for the laughs! i read all the ones I missed. You really need to write a book. You're hilarious! I will be checking in more often.

Wendy's Mom said...

Okay now the RT shall speak. LOL!! You guys did a good job at noticing she was not wearing her oxygen. However, you failed to remember that you should take caution using oxygen when playing around any type of fire. Lit candles in your hand and on a cake near by is considered FIRE. So, THIS TIME she was actually appropriately NOT using her oxygen! LOL!! Good Girl Ellen! LOL!

BTW, you guys looked very nice and no I do not think the just wear anything comments from your family prior to this shindig would have been a good idea. Glad you have better sense than to listen to everything they tell you. LOL!!