Monday, November 03, 2008

The day before election day

I voted a couple of weeks ago.  When you show up at the election board with a hose in your nose, they don't even ask, but just hand you an early balloting form when you walk in the door.

I don't really think it will make much difference who wins the top office.  The congressional elections will be much more interesting.  Congress is so screwed up that most of the federal agencies who were required to submit their budget requirements early this year (like before March) STILL do not have their budgets approved and are operating on continuing resolutions, which means that they can't do any project planning, because they cannot spend any money beyond what they spent last year.  This screws up things on all sorts of levels.  For example, if there is mass end-of-the-year retirements, the agency often cannot fill those positions.  So, if you want your food inspected, or your drugs tested, it's just not happening.  It would be magnificent if all the incumbents were defeated and lots of guys and girls with no preconceived ideas about how stuff should get held up for silly reasons. 

The nicest thing about election day is that it means that Inauguration Day shall follow, and this year, it comes the day after the MLK day holiday, so I shall have a four-day weekend.  Nice of the United States to provide me with this.

But the most interesting thing is that day-after-tomorrow, many, many  houses in our neighborhood will go up for sale, and they will all sell before January 20th.

Required PH Content:  Almost Every PH Patient Goes Undiagnosed For Some Years, Because Doctors Never Think About Testing For It.  Warning, Opinion follows: I think it's because the patients are mostly female, and doctors don't tend to take female patients as seriously as males.


Anonymous said...

Good job on adding your PH info:))

Well I never thought about that..all those homes for sale over there..Good point..Are you going to buy one?? maybe a single story?

Take care


The Admiral said...

First of all, there aren't any single story houses within miles of my house. Second, we really like our neighborhood. Third, we've just about decided to stay in the house and get Stairgliders for each staircase, for me, or for stuff to go up on.

(Single story in our town starts at about $800k).

Cathy said...

Wow!!! Ochocientos mil? For a one story house? Hijole!! Mucho dinero!

I really like what you wrote on PH. Thoses darn good for nothing Dr's.

Anonymous said...

I am sure you have correctly diagnosed the reason for PH'ers misdiagnosis...they are primarily hypochondriacs/drama queens- Oh, I mean woman! Thanks for your honesty!